frequently asked questionswhere can I find codes?

Where can I find school codes?

You may search for school codes on-line in the Educational History section of the application or contact your high school or college directly.

What should I do if my high school or university is not listed in the School Search list?

Please send us the full name and address of the school or university. We will add it to our system and send you confirmation to let you know that the information has been uploaded to the application.

Our system updates overnight, so please allow one day from the time that we add your school code for the code to upload to the School Search list and be available on your application.

If you are searching for and can't find the code of a campus that is part of a community college district, search the School Search list for the name of the main campus of the community college. It is often acceptable to use the school code of the community college's main campus on your application. We require the school code of the campus that issues transcripts, which is often the main campus in a community college district. If you have any doubts about which school code to use, please contact us.

How do I find the Course Titles and Codes for the classes I have taken at a previous university?

Please consult your school's course catalog to locate a listing of exact course titles and codes. Many schools already offer their course catalog online, but you may also pick up a paper version at your school or request a copy by mail. For further questions regarding the titles and codes of your courses, please contact an admissions counselor at the school where you received the credits.