frequently asked questionscopying & submitting my application to another university

An application must be submitted or saved AT LEAST through the Residency page (U.S. application) or through the Preliminary Visa Information page (International application) before you can copy it. Once you have submitted an application or completed a saved application through the specified page, your application listing will show the application with a 'Copy' link to the right. Use the 'Copy' link to copy your application and send it to another university. The information from your original application will be copied to your new application.

To complete the process, you will need to go through each page of the copied application, verify that your information is correct, save each page, certify your application, choose your method of payment (if applicable), and submit the application.

Do I have to pay an application fee for each application that I submit?

Yes, provided that the university to which you are applying requires an application fee.

Can I copy a submitted scholarship section?

No. This is because the scholarship section of your admissions application is so closely connected to your admissions application.