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Why hasn't the school received my application and/or my fee yet?

As this application is for many public universities all over the state of Texas, you must allow time for your submitted application to be sent to the university to which you applied and for the admissions staff there to process it. After you have submitted your application, please direct your fee questions to the university to which you have applied.

If you have waited at least a week and the university says they have not received your application, have the university contact ApplyTexas website administrator to request a re-transmission of your application. Because of the nature of re-transmission requests, we cannot honor requests made by applicants. We MUST be contacted by the university in order to re-transmit an application.

Is the application fee transferable, from one semester/school to the next?

The application fee is not transferable. For each application you submit, you are subject to an application fee, which varies and is determined by each school. Keep in mind that not all universities require payment for the application, however.

Can I pay my application fee through ApplyTexas AFTER I've submitted my application?

The only time during which you can pay your application fee through is before you submit your application. Because the application fee is directly tied to a specific application, you must choose your payment method before you submit. If you submit your application and then decide that you want to change your method of payment (e.g., from payment by check to credit card), you will need to contact the university to which you have applied in order to discuss your options.

How can I obtain a fee waiver?

To obtain a fee waiver you must first check with the university to which you are applying to verify that you qualify for a waiver.

If you do qualify you will need to follow through with obtaining a fee waiver by submitting to the university documented proof that supports this claim. You can obtain further information about this from the university and/or your high school counselor.

If you choose the 'request for fee exemption' option on your application's payment page and submit your application without finding out if you qualify (and/or without sending in the supporting documentation to the university), you will still be responsible for paying the fee. You will be contacted and reminded to pay the application fee; if you fail to pay it or have it waived then your application will not be complete and will not be processed. This means you will not be considered for admission to the college or university to which you have applied.