frequently asked questionspaying online with a credit card

One option for paying your application fee is to pay online using a credit card. When you pay online using a credit card your credit card is automatically charged, and upon successful payment of your application fee, your application is automatically submitted.

If you have any questions about your application fee or your credit card transaction after you have submitted your application, please contact the university to which you applied for further information.

Helpful credit card tips:

If you encounter any problems while attempting to pay online, please ensure that you're doing the following before contacting the ApplyTexas Help Desk for assistance:

Your credit card data

If you pay online using a credit card, the last four digits of your credit card number will be visible to you on the viewable version of your submitted application. Please be assured that your information is safe, as it resides on secure servers and is encrypted while in transit from you to us and from us to the university.