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Why do I need an ApplyTexas profile?

The information you enter in the profile serves as a basis for your first application and all subsequent applications you create from scratch (rather than copying). The information you enter in the profile will pre-populate your applications where appropriate.

In addition, the profile is your connection to your username and password information and thus to all of your applications. You can change your password in the My Profile tab and, should you lose your username or password, this information can be mailed to the email address you provide in the profile. For this reason alone, it is important to keep your profile information up to date.

Do you sell the information provided in the profile?

No, we will not sell your information to any outside agency or third party.

I have an international address and I'm having trouble saving my profile. What can I do?

Applicants with foreign addresses need enter only their street address, city, and country on the profile page and on the first page of the application. You do not need to enter your zip/postal code or your phone number and can leave these fields blank. In most cases, our system will not recognize this information or all digits will not fit into the allotted space. (However, the permanent address field can now accept international phone numbers.) This will not adversely affect the processing of your admissions application as you will have an opportunity to enter your address information in the applications themselves.

Do I need more than one ApplyTexas profile?

No. In fact, in almost every case it will benefit you to have only one. Applicants who create multiple profiles and attach applications and essays to them will be responsible for keeping track of all of their usernames and passwords as well as remembering which applications and essays are tied to each. If you lose track of your username or password, please attempt to look up and/or reset this information before creating a new profile.

The only exception to the single profile rule is if you are submitting a large number of applications. Currently, a maximum of 40 applications can be tied to a single profile. If you are submitting more than 40 applications, you will be asked to create and maintain a second profile in order to continue.

I've forgotten my username or password.

If you provided a valid email address on your ApplyTexas profile, you can use the online username look-up / password reset feature. For further information on retrieving your username and/or password, please refer to the Application ID / Password FAQ page.