frequently asked questionsspace limitations and submitting supplemental information

It is imperative that you enter your full, correct email address because this is our primary means of corresponding with you.

With that important exception noted, if you run out of space and cannot fit all of the necessary information into any other field, put as many characters into the field as you are allowed. If you cannot provide complete information on particular questions (e.g., your name, a course name, reference information, etc.) because of space restrictions, you can contact the university to which you have applied after you submit your application in order to update the information.

You have several options for sending supplemental information (email, mail, fax). If you are unsure which method to use, contact the university or college to which you are applying to ask how they prefer to receive the information. Be sure to include your application ID number and your name on any supplemental information you send. You might also want to follow up to ensure your supplemental information was received and processed.

This issue will not adversely affect the processing of your application. It is most important that you submit your application completed to the best of your ability!