frequently asked questionschanging information on your submitted application

Once your application has been submitted, you cannot change any information on your application through ApplyTexas. You will need to contact the university or universities to which you applied to give them any corrected or missing information. The ApplyTexas Help Desk will not be able to help you with this type of request. Be sure to include your full name and application ID number on all pages of all documents that you send to the university.

None of the changes you make to your application through the receiving university will be reflected on the copy of your application that resides in the ApplyTexas site. Once submitted, the information on your ApplyTexas application cannot be changed. This means that your ApplyTexas application view will still contain the original information you submitted. More importantly, if you copy a submitted application that contains mistakes or incomplete information, you will need to correct the information in any copied application you create.

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