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What if I entered the wrong semester or university?

Once the university and semester information have been saved, they become a permanent feature of a specific application. If these pieces of information have been entered incorrectly, you'll need to start over and create a new application.

I've entered some information incorrectly. Can I correct this?

If your application has already been submitted, then please contact an admissions counselor at the university to which you have applied in order to correct any information for the school's records. Keep in mind that should you copy this application to submit it to other universities, the new application will also display the incorrect information. It is therefore advisable that you copy the application once, correct your errors and submit to the next university you wish to apply and use the corrected application as a template for all future copies.

If you have not yet submitted your application, you will still be able to correct any mistakes via the "edit" link in the application listing page. If you notice errors on your biographical information page (page 1), you should also check your profile tab to ensure that the information you entered in your profile is accurate. The profile serves as the basis of all newly created (not copied) applications and should be kept up to date.