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Fall 2021

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Fill out biographical information.

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    In addition to English, what languages do you speak fluently?
  2. Family Income:

    Please indicate, for the most recent tax year, your family's gross income. Include both untaxed and taxed income:

  3. Household Size: *

    How many people, including yourself, live in your household?

    Do you have family obligations that keep you from participating in extracurricular activities?
    If you have family obligations, do you:
    1. have to work to supplement family income?
    2. provide primary care for family member(s)?
    3. have other family obligations that prevent participation?
  5. Note: The following section may not be required by all schools.

    Supplemental Parental Information: Parent/Guardian 1

    Is this person still living?

    Do you live with this person?

  6. Supplemental Parental Information: Parent/Guardian 2

    Is this person still living?

    Do you live with this person?