Research Your Options

Not sure which college or university you'd like to apply to? Not sure about the requirements for applying to the one you?ve chosen? Here's some information you might find helpful:

Four-year University Info

Includes contact information, details about essays, fees, and deadlines.

Graduate School Info

Includes contact information, details about essays, fees, and deadlines.

Two-year College Info

Includes contact and school information as well as fee and deadline information.

Scholarship Info

Deadline and other information about colleges and universities that award scholarships through the ApplyTexas scholarship application.

Additional Information for Applicants

Links to public university web sites in Texas, information about top 10% automatic admission, immunization requirements, nondegree seeking students, tuition rebates, and the possibility of additional tuition charges for students with excessive hours.

Degrees Offered

Lists of offered majors at participating colleges and universities.

About Applying

Ready to apply? Review the following information to get ready.

General Application Instructions

Find out how to respond to each item/question in each type of application.

Scholarship Instructions

Find out how to begin a scholarship application, who can apply and when, and much more.

Things to Know Before You Begin

Find out what information you need before you start an application, details about usernames and passwords, blank pages, internal navigation suggestions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the online application.

Other Helpful Information

Important Information about Bacterial Meningitis

Vaccination, treatment, symptoms, and more.

College for All Texans website

Find general application information, deadlines, and printable U.S. Freshman and Transfer paper applications on their publications page.

Texas County Codes

A list of each Texas county and its ApplyTexas code (only for applicants using a paper application)

Education: Go Get It

A message about applying to more than one college or university, information about application fees, and more.

Federal Student Aid & FAFSA

Information about and the online application you can use to apply for federal student aid.