Instructions for Completing Your ApplyTexas Application 2 Year Institution Admission Application

(valid for the Summer 2019, Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 semesters)

Please submit either a paper or a web application, not both.

Biographical Information

  1. Enter your Social Security number. A Social Security Number is strongly encouraged for U.S. Citizens and Permanent residents. Please enter your Social Security Number if you have one as it is important for purposes of the identity of your application, grade transcript, test scores, and financial aid.
  2. Enter your date of birth (month, day, year). Do not leave blank; this information is required.
  3. Enter your full, legal last, first, and middle name. Do not use nicknames or abbreviations because this information will be used for your official record if you enroll. Use your full, legal name on all documents sent to the institution to which you are applying.
  4. Enter your preferred name.
  5. Enter other names, if any, under which your transcripts or other credentials may be listed.
  6. Enter the city, state, and country where you were born.
  7. Answer the questions regarding your citizenship status. If you have one, be sure to include with your application a copy of your permanent resident card and/or notice of action from the USCIS.
  8. Provide the information regarding any U.S. military affiliations that you have.
  9. Enter your permanent street address. If you are using a paper applicaiton, include the county only if you are residing in Texas; if you are not residing in Texas, you do not need to provide a county. If you do not live in the United States, enter the name of the country where you reside instead of a state.
  10. Enter your physical mailing address, only if different from your permanent mailing address. This address should reflect the address of your current residence and may not be a Post Office Box.
  11. Enter your preferred phone number and alternate phone number (if applicable). Enter the phone type for the preferred and alternate phone, if applicable (Home, Work, or Cell).
  12. Enter the name, relationship to you, address, phone number, and email address of an emergency contact person.
  13. Enter your email address. The inclusion of your email address may allow institutional representatives to contact you with admission information.
  14. Please indicate the highest level of your parents' or court-appointed legal guardians' educational background.
  15. Provide the information regarding your ethnic background and race. The information will be used for federal and/or state law reporting purposes and may be used by some institutions in admission or scholarship decisions.
  16. Designate whether you are male or female.
  17. Indicate whether you were ever in foster care in Texas and if so, if you'd like documentation on your eligibility for financial assistance.

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Educational Background

  1. Enter the name, city, and state of your high school. (Please use the school search.) Enter the month and year you graduated or expect to graduate. Indicate whether you were home-schooled.
  2. If you did not or will not graduate from high school, please indicate whether or not you have earned a GED and whether it is the English or Spanish version.
  3. Please list all post-secondary colleges and universities which you have attended or are currently attending, their school codes, their locations, the dates you were enrolled, the number of hours earned, any type of degrees you have received, and the date the degree was conferred. Include colleges and universities you attended while you were in high school.
  4. Please indicate whether you are currently on academic suspension from any college or university.

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Educational Information

  1. Please indicate whether you have taken a Tech Prep course or course for college credit.
  2. Please indicate on which basis you are seeking admission.
  3. Please indicate your reason for attending a two year institution.

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Residency Information

  1. Answer all questions that apply to you. Instructions are noted throughout the questions. If requested, enter any additional information that would help your college or university classify you as a Texas resident.

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Custom Questions for this Institution

Many universities and degree programs have additional questions for you to answer. Some answers are required, others are optional. However, even if a question is listed as optional, you must acknowledge that you have seen the optional question by clicking  the "Save" button. When all questions have been saved, you will be able to save the page and proceed with your application.

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Certification of Information

Read the certification statements carefully. Be sure to check the box next to each statement. You may click on the link to “Important Information about Bacterial Meningitis” to review this material. Check the box next to each statement to indicate your acknowledgement. You do NOT need to print or mail this form.

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Application Fee Information

See the institution-specific instructions regarding your application fee. Please include the student's name and application ID on your check or money order if you choose that form of payment. Check with the institution to which you are applying regarding a possible waiver of the application fee.

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