Welcome to Central Texas College!


Thank you for your interest in CTC. We look forward to having you as a student, whether as a Central Campus classroom student, a student at one of the many CTC worldwide locations, or as a distance learner.


All electronic applications are sent to the Admissions Office at the Central Campus in Killeen, Texas. Please assist us by entering the location you plan to attend at the end of the Common Application.


What happens after I submit my electronic application?


·         Please allow 3 to 7 working days to process your admissions application. When your admissions application has been processed, you will have a student account accessible through CTC’s WebAdvisor. The link to WebAdvisor with important information is at http://www.ctcd.edu/webadvisor/webadvisor_intro.htm . To login to WebAdvisor, a username and temporary password have been set up. Your username includes the initials (lowercase) of your first and last names and your last six digits of your social security number (jt943337). Your temporary password is your date of birth (month/day/year). Example: 061184 (June 11, 1984). CTC personnel at many of the CTC locations have access to the college’s student system and can verify if your application has been received and processed.


·         Go to your nearest CTC location to receive information on enrolling in classroom or distance learning courses. CTC contact personnel can be found at http://www.ctcd.edu/contact/contact_us.html .
If you do not have a CTC location near you but plan to enroll in distance learning courses, contact a CTC Online Mentor at online.mentors@ctcd.edu or (254) 526-1296 or (800) 792-3348, ext. 1296.

·         Prospective student information is located at http://www.ctcd.edu/student/prospective.htm


To learn more about CTC, visit the CTC website at http://www.ctcd.edu/