scholarship section helpNavigating My Application

To navigate through the ApplyTexas Scholarship Section, you have 2 options:

As you save each page, you will automatically advance to the next page of the section if you have successfully filled in all required information. You must fill out each page in order, i.e. you must have completed page 1 to advance to page 2, etc.

As you save each page of the scholarship section, the navigation bar will become a list of clickable links. You may click on any link to go directly to a particular page. The list of links appears below:

  1. Page 1 – Personal Information
  2. Page 2 – Family & Financial Information
  3. Page 3 – Scholarships
  4. Page 4 – Short Answer Questions
  5. Page 5 – Available Scholarships
  6. Page 6 – University Questions

Be sure to Save before leaving each page. Don't risk losing the information you've entered by not saving. You can use the bar options to jump back and forth from page to page. Just remember to Save the current page before clicking a link to go to a different page.

DO NOT use your browser's back button. If you do, the application may produce unusual occurrences and/or may fail to work properly with your browser.