scholarship section helpsubmitting scholarship information

Be sure to review and save all pages of your application before proceeding to the "Submit My Application" page. Read the Certification Statements in the application carefully. Complete all required items and all appropriate essays. If you are satisfied with the completeness of your application, you are ready to proceed with submission.

By checking the certification statement checkbox and clicking the "Submit Application Now" button you are certifying the completeness and accuracy of your application and marking it as ready to send to the university to which you applied.

Please be aware that once you have submitted an application, you cannot make changes to it. You will, however, still be able to access and view the submitted admissions application and the scholarship section via the "View" links on the My Applications tab.

You can always save an application without submitting it right away, but be sure to submit your admissions application with the scholarship section before the scheduled deadlines.