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When completing the items on the "Short Answer Questions" page or the "Essay" page, pay attention to and do not type beyond the maximum line limit. Any text beyond the displayed maximum will not be saved. Don't risk losing your work.

Don't use "#" or "%" symbols. Some users have reported errors when they've used the "%" symbol in the text area boxes, and "#" symbols will be converted into double-quotes ("). To avoid potential problems, please write out "percent" in any text area box instead of using the "%" symbol and write "number" rather than using the "#" symbol.

Write and edit your essay(s) using word-processing software like MS Word or Notepad before submitting or saving on-line to avoid session time-out and loss of your work. When you are ready to submit/save your essay, copy and paste the text into the essay submission textarea.

Keep in mind that certain MS Word characters such as smart quotes will not translate properly from Word to the essay submission form. Prior to submission, you will have the opportunity to view your essay as it will appear to the receiving college or university. If you use Word to compose your essay, review carefully, and if you find any unexpected results, re-type the problematic characters directly in the textarea.

All formatting will be lost when you submit your essay online.