scholarship section helpwho can use ApplyTexas to apply for scholarships?

The colleges and universities who set up scholarships in Apply Texas determine who can use the ApplyTexas application to apply for scholarships. Before starting the scholarship section of the application, you must have saved (through page 1) an Application for Admission at for the university/college and semester for which you wish to apply for scholarships.

We encourage applicants to fill out the admissions application as completely and accurately as possible. Some admissions information will be used (but will not always be edit-able) in the scholarship section.

Note: If you have completed any classes at a university, you have already begun your college career, as well as established an academic record. For purposes of scholarship-awarding, this makes you ineligible for freshman scholarships. (This does not apply to students who have dual enrollment credits but are eligible to apply as a freshman.)

Important: Students must be admitted to the university to which they apply to receive a scholarship award. It is therefore critical that you complete your admissions application (including the scholarship section) as soon as possible.