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Once you have determined which essay(s) you must complete, open the link to the appropriate topic and begin.

Important: The essays that appear in the ApplyTexas scholarship section may be different from the ones listed for the ApplyTexas admission application or in the printed materials for the ApplyTexas Application for Admission for the same university.

We recommend that you type/compose and save your essay in a different program (like NotePad) using a mono-spaced font, then copy and paste it into the provided text box.

Be aware that when you save your text, it will be converted to a mono-spaced font and any formatting you may have done will be lost. This has the potential to cut off part of what you have written. Be sure to look at the last line of your essay and make any necessary revisions.

All required essay(s) must be completed online at ApplyTexas before your application will be complete. Do not mail (via email or postal service) your essays.