Application Details

ApplyTexas Informational Pages reuse a submitted application

If you've already saved an application through page 5 to at least one Texas college or university, you can use that existing application to apply to another. Follow these steps to copy and submit your new application:

  1. Log in to ApplyTexas using your username and password. Your "My Account Dashboard" page will appear.
  2. Under the "My Applications" tab, look for "Copy" under the "Action" column. Those are the applications you've completed through page 5 that are eligible to copy.
  3. If you have more than one application saved through page 5, review them to locate the one you want to use to create your new application. (To review the contents of an individual application you've submitted, select the "View" or "Edit" links in the "Action" column on the right.) The more complete the application is, the more will copy over to the new application.
  4. Click the "Copy" link to begin the process of copying the application you've selected. The "copy and submit an application to another university" page should appear.
  5. If you're applying to a new four-year institution, use the first drop-down list to select the new target university and the second to select the type of application you want to submit; click the "start a new 4 year university application" button. If you're applying to a new two-year college, select the two-year institution from the drop-down list; click the "start new 2 year college application" button.
  6. Follow the directions on the pages that appear to complete the process. Be aware that you will have to review and save each page again, though data will be pre-filled for you wherever possible. You will also have to submit the application when you are done.