Data Privacy Policy for ApplyTexas

What this policy covers

Your privacy is important to us, and so is being clear and open about how we collect, use, and share information about you. Due to recent changes in law, as of May 25th, 2018, your consent to this policy is necessary for us to process your application(s). The information below does not represent new processes; rather, it is a clearer and more plainly stated presentation of how we handle and share your data.

This document is intended to help you understand:

What information we collect about you

Personal data

While using our service, we may ask you to provide us with personally identifiable information as part of your account with us, and as part of any application to the institution(s) of your choice. These include:

Other application data

We collect all other data included in the answers you give to questions on your application(s).

Usage data

Our Web servers generate temporary logs that contain the following information:


Cookies are small pieces of data stored by the Web browser. Cookies are used to remember information about preferences and pages you have visited. We use Session Cookies to operate our service, and we use Security Cookies for security purposes. ApplyTexas does not share cookie information with external third parties, nor with the college or university to which you are applying.

How we share (or don’t share) information we collect

Texas high schools

We display a small set of personal data in the ApplyTexas Counselor Suite for use by your high school counselor (if your high school is in Texas, and if your application is a freshman 4-year or 2-year application). In some instances we send some of this data through Amazon Web Services via a secure portal with closely managed authorizations. The data is used by high school counselors to track application progress and FAFSA submissions.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

We send a subset of your application data (including some of the personal data listed above) to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board data warehouse. Persons authorized by the THECB access the data for research purposes.

We show all saved and submitted application data to the administrators at the college/university that you choose (via our Administrative Site, which is only accessible to authorized administrators from that school).

Colleges and universities

We store and send, to the college/university of your choice, your personal data, and all other data included in the answers you give to questions on the application. Application data are sent from the University of Texas at Austin, via secure FTP, to the National Student Clearinghouse for distribution to colleges and universities to allow processing of your application. Under Texas law, information collected about you through this application may be held by any institution of higher education to which you apply.

We also send the following data to aid in processing your application:

If you have the opportunity to request a transcript from within ApplyTexas (2-year and 4-year freshman applications to participating high schools and colleges/universities), we will send encrypted identifying data to the Texas Education Agency for processing this request via an immediate secure web services call.

Payment of fees

If your application has a fee and you pay for it within ApplyTexas using a credit card, we will send encrypted identifying data to PayPal for processing this request via an immediate secure web services call. We send credit card number, and billing name and address. We do not store the full credit card number on our files. PayPal will deliver the funds to the institution to which you are applying. We send the last four digits of the credit card, along with the billing name and address, to the institutions to help in processing your application.

For address verification purposes, we will send your mailing address to SmartyStreets for deliverability verification via an immediate secure web services call. They will not store your address on their files; they simply check to see that the address exists.

How we store and keep secure any information we collect

Although no computer system is 100% secure, the administrators of ApplyTexas have deployed extensive security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information under their control. Information collected in ApplyTexas is stored on files located at the University of Texas at Austin, and with Amazon Web Services. The UT Information Security Office regularly scans our web servers, data on the files is very closely managed, and certified independent security specialists regularly audit our security measures and respective systems for vulnerabilities. We are also regularly scanned for PCI compliance. All data is encrypted while being sent from our files to any and all outside entities. All data stored on our files at UT Austin fall under the UT ISO data security policy.

How you can access and control your information

Other important privacy information

Your information will not be sold for commercial purposes.

The information that is collected about you will be retained and maintained as required by Texas records retention laws (Section 441.180 et seq. of the Texas Government Code) and rules.

ApplyTexas does not actively share personal information gathered from our web servers. However, because is administered by a state agency, some information collected from the ApplyTexas web site may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act. This means that in some cases we may be compelled by law to release information gathered from our web servers. Under the guidelines of the GDPR, we are a data processor as well as a data controller. Data gathered by ApplyTexas services are stored at the University of Texas at Austin, and are, by contract, owned by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.


If you have questions about this privacy statement or you believe that your personal information has been released without your consent send an e-mail to the ApplyTexas Help Desk.