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Fall 2020

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educational background

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  1. Secondary School Attended: *

    You will speed the processing of your application by searching for and selecting your Secondary School via the school search option.

    To begin the school search process, click the school search button, then enter the name of your secondary school. If you are unable to find a match in the database, please select the "School not found" option at the bottom of the search page.

    For international secondary schools, please leave the state field blank and enter the country in the city field.

    For U.S. secondary schools, please be sure to supply both the city and state.

    If you did not graduate from secondary school, do you have a GED?
    Initial degree you wish to seek: *
    Ultimate degree you plan to seek in this major at the University of North Texas: *
    Are you a former University of North Texas student? *
    Have you previously applied to the University of North Texas as a graduate student? *
  4. Enter any specific area of interest or specialty within your proposed major (if applicable):
  5. Institution Presently Attending (if applicable)
  6. List courses to be completed during the present semester (if applicable). If you will complete an additional term before enrolling at the University of North Texas, list those courses also.

    If you need to list more than 10 courses, please send a list directly to the appropriate admissions office at the University of North Texas. Be sure to include your full name, application ID number and date of birth on any documents you send to the admissions office.