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Fall 2020

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Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • If you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, or fellowship, indicate the type of award you will seek.

    Availability and deadlines vary. Consult with the program you wish to enter.

    Type of Award sought:
    If you are not offered a financial award, do you plan to enroll if offered admission?
  • employment history

    If relevant to your major, complete the following employment history section.

    If you have been employed since attending school or have served in the armed forces, list your employers or military service and type of work in chronological order, beginning with your most recent employer. If you have been self-employed (homemaker, writer, etc.), write "self" under "NAME OF EMPLOYER." If an employer listed is not in the US, fill in "City" and leave "State" blank. If you are currently employed, put the current month and year in the "To" section.

    Current or Most Recent Employer

    Other Employers:

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academic references and honors

  • Academic References

    List the individuals you have asked to recommend you.

    Reference 1 Information
    Reference 2 Information
    Reference 3 Information
  • List all honors, financial assistance, awards, fellowships, scholarships and assistantships received.

    If you need to list more than three awards, please send a list, along with your student ID number (if known), web application ID number, full name and date of birth directly to the graduate admissions office at The University of Texas at Austin.

    Award, Honor 1
    Award, Honor 2
    Award, Honor 3