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Your essay requirements may have changed. Please return to the essay page and be sure all your essays have been saved.

The information you provide in the scholarship section of your application will not affect your application for admission. If you activate your scholarship application, you must save the requested information on each page of the scholarship section before you submit your application for admission.

You may cancel an active scholarship application at any time prior to submitting your admissions application. You may also choose to apply for admission first and submit a scholarship application at a later date, as long as it is prior to the scholarship application deadline.

You've started the process of applying for scholarships. If you've decided not to apply for scholarships, please click the button below. If you still want to apply for scholarships, proceed to the following questions.

The information on this page is optional for Texas A&M University scholarships, but it is highly recommended that applicants provide all of the requested information. Leaving financial questions blank may make it impossible for Texas A&M University to tell whether you are an eligible candidate for certain scholarships.

  • First choice major:
  • School: College of Fine Arts
  • Major: Art History
    High School Counselor Information:
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An application that has been saved but not submitted may be deleted after 180 days.

Clicking the "save changes" button will save the information that you've entered on this page of the scholarship section of your application. Even though an incomplete application will not be used for awarding scholarships or making admission decisions, once you save this information, the college/university to which you are applying will be able to access it. You may return to your application and revise or update the information you have saved up until the time you submit your application.